Course Material

For these professional courses we use mostly following Course books:

– Themen Aktuell ( Course- and workbook)
– Delphin ( Course- and workbook)
– Tangramm ( Course- and workbook)
– The Basic German course written by Dipl. Ökonom H. Dr. M. Iqbal buy essays online Tarar

  • Studio 1 for A 1 and Studio 2  for A2 and For B 1

Additionally we use also further helping Material according to Course requirements.
– The practically based exercise prepared by Dipl. Ökonom H. Dr. M. Iqbal Tarar
– Many different written and speaking exercises.
– We appreciate always group discussions to increase the speaking power of the economics assignment topics students.
– For Listening we use the Audio/ Vedio CDs.

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