Language Courses

Course A-1/1:

This is the Course for beginners. It is about 70-80 credit hours (45 min)
After successfully completing this course you will be able to communicate in German
language at basic level while speaking simple sentences in German language but only
in present tenses.

Course A-1/2:

This is the continuation of A1/1. This is a course of about 70-80 credit Hours (45 Min) and after
completing this course you can communicate in German Language while making
sentences in perfect. Actually now are you able to exist in a German society without
language barrier. This level is most common requirement of many universities and
German government.

Course Start Deutsch 1:

This is the Course for those who are going to apply for a Visa for
Family Reunion. We offer this Course separately, for single individual and in classes. We have separate Classes for females also. This course is conducted by a very experienced Lady instructor.

Course A-2:

This is a course of two months after A 1. You will learn a lot at basic level.
This course is based on comprehensive German Grammar and lot of Vocabulary.
After Completion of this Course you don’t have any problem to speak German
Language in a proper way.

Course B-1:

This the Certificate German Language course. After completion of this course you will
have a first German Language Certificate of international standard.

Course B- 2:

This is advance German Language Certificate.

We also offer:
Preparatory Course for DSH and Test Daf

Our all courses are highly professional based on 4 different skills.
(We offer here Hochdetutsch. That means standard German with perfect pronunciation)

Speaking (emphasized)