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Deutschkurs A 1, German Class A 1

We learn German Language (DEUTSCH) together and enjoy together

We provide an environment like a family, We help students also individually. Students from all over Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran find here a home just like a Family for Learning (Deutsch) German Language.

Carrier assistance in Germany for skilled Persons

Study Counseling, Job Assistance specially for Nurses and Doctors, Three Years paid Apprenticeship (Ausbildung) in all fields. Note; (Our all Services except German language Courses are free of cost (non commercial)

Best German Learning Institute

We offer only German Language Courses (Deutsch ) at all Levels A1, A2, B1, B2 , C1 and C2 All Courses are of international standard


One of the leading German Learning Center in Pakistan.

Heinrich-Heine Sprachzentrum is an Institute for learning German Language and Counseling Center for the students and business community.

Heinrich-Heine Sprachzentrum Islamabad is registered member of FaDaF ( Germany ) and world wide recognized.

Heinrich-Heine Language and study center is one of the leading Institutions of German Language in Islamabad with well-established reputation possessing Audio-Visual facilities.

What we Offer:

Heinrich-Heine Sprachzentrum is known for following services:

  • German Language Courses
  • Study and Career Counseling
  • Job Assistance